Human error is involved in 95% of all security breaches. But humans are maddeningly careless and resistant to change. Employees’ casual mistakes lead to disaster all the time — and cost people their jobs. To change security culture effectively, employees have to know what to do, care enough to improve, and then do what’s right when it matters.

Security Awareness

From ransomware and phishing to unattended laptops and CEO fraud, the threats are many and they are real. There are plenty of bad actors ready to take advantage of your employees’ mistakes. And even when mistakes are not being engineered and leveraged by malicious outsiders, poor cyber habits can lead to difficult and costly situations for you and your team. Vigil Cybersec via our partner helps you mitigate cyber risk stemming from the simple mistakes your employees are making every day.

Security Awareness Training That Makes People Care

Cyber Security Training Topics Made Fun. Delivered Fast. Proven Effective.

People don’t “like” our 3-minute modules: they love them. They ask for more. They print T-shirts based on our characters. This nearly cult-like adoration is not what you expect from security awareness training. It happens because our videos are scripted by world-class comedy writers and performed by actors who are spectacularly right for their roles. Working with top CISOs, we focus on the most relevant security awareness training topics for cyber risk management today. Our modules use fun to evade employees’ psychological defenses against security awareness training and we go beyond facts, showing people why they need to care. We can also help you achieve GDPR compliance by quickly educating employees on these crucial new data privacy rules. Whatever the topic, we show your employees what’s at stake for them, personally. Not just for “the company” or other abstractions. Every Ataata cyber security training module helps your employees understand how people make catastrophic security mistakes and what the consequences are for them, their friends and their family. The modules are fun and entertaining despite the serious nature of the topic - and the learning just happens.

Scoring Employee Risk - Cyber Risk Management

Our cyber security training closes the circle on performance, action, and outcomes While employees are having a blast becoming security-aware, we’re capturing data, and transforming it into insights for managing risk. Our unique risk scoring and analysis helps drive future training, building a virtuous cycle of improvement. Our fully GDPR-compliant solution links cleanly with other systems, so you can use our security awareness training data to manage risk via your SIEM or UEBA, and even integrate it into employee evals. Through our intuitive, simple dashboard, you can fix problems, track progress, and show the C-Suite exactly how you’re making the business safer.



Learning scientists and corporate cube dwellers agree: for workplace training to work, it must be fun and engaging. Click and drool benefits no one. It must also be quick. if you go to war with bosses' deadlines and paying customers' demands, you'll lose. But even that isn't enough. You also need clear and immediate reinforcement, persistence over time, and constant measurement. Our partner has built a complete information security training platform around these principles.

How does it work? Once a month, your employees get an email link to a module that's typically takes around three minutes to complete and is focused on one crucial information security awareness training topic. The main learning is delivered by video, cemented in practice with a question and reinforced with the comparative performance from peers answering the same question. And all of the data collected along the way feed our analytics suite so you can use this training performance data to predict who the security risks are.

Delivering a focused, personal information security training learning moment

Every information security awareness training module ends with one carefully crafted multiple-choice question: What would you do if...? Your employee can typically answer in a thirty seconds or less. It's virtually painless, but it drives each lesson home. And when hundreds or thousands of employees answer, we can generate actionable knowledge about problem areas and create opportunities to improve. That insight is immediately available through an exceptionally intuitive and efficient dashboard. If your employee got the question right, we'll reward them with a tiny moment of pleasurable approval — and, if your people care about microcredentials, a badge. If your employee got it wrong, we'll offer an amusing nudge, show the right answer, and explain why. All in plain English -- unless you would have it in another language. The learning moment is emphatically not "school." It's one quick, focused jolt each month.