We at vcs-inc-inc term Vulnerability Assessment as an examination of the ability of a system or application including current security procedures and controls to withstand assault.

Our team helps identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers or external parties concerned. we also predict the effectiveness of additional secsecurity measures. In that, we have categorized our Vulnerability Assessment(VA) via the following types:

Types Of Vulnerability Assessment Conducted

    i) Active Assessment

    ii) Passive Assessment

    iii) Host-based Assessment

    iv) Internal Assessment

    v) External Assessment

    vi) Application Assessment

    vii) Network Assessment

    viii) Wireless Assessment

Our Methodology In VA

    a) Phase 1 - Acquisition - We collect necessary documents required for our clients

    b) Phase 2 - Identification - We conduct interviews with employees/customers to acquire technical information

    c) Phase 3 - Analyzing - We review interviews and conduct threat and risk Analysis to analyze effectiveness of existing security policies.

    d) Phase 4 - Evaluation - We then evaluate the probability of exploitation of identified vulnerabilities.

    e) Phase 5 - Generation of Reports - Finally, we give our clients a conclusive generated report of our vulnerability Assessment

Tools Used

Here at vcs-inc-inc we strive ourselves as as a competent cybersecurity company and thus brandish ourselves with the current VA tools which include:

    1) Wireshark
    2) Nmap
    3) Metasploit
    4) OpenVas
    5) Maltego
    6) AirCrack
    7) Nessus