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Certifications provide proof of what we do to keep clients secure, but our intention to continue making security a priority are best described by our adherence to the CIA (Confidetiality, Integrity & Availability) Triangle, all regulatory standards and rules for both local & International (i.e. COBIT, PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

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5 Keys to Improve Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity isn't easy. If there was a product or service you could buy that would just magically solve all of your cybersecurity problems, everyone would buy that thing, and we could all rest easy. However, that is not the way it works. Technology continues to evolve. Cyber attackers adapt and develop new malicious tools and techniques, and cybersecurity vendors design creative new ways to detect and block those threats....

New Group of Hackers Targeting Businesses with Financially Motivated Cyber Attacks

Security researchers have tracked down activities of a new group of financially-motivated hackers that are targeting several businesses and organizations in Germany, Italy, and the United States in an attempt to infect them with backdoor, banking Trojan, or ransomware malware. Though the new malware campaigns are not customized for each organization, the threat actors appear to be more interested in businesses, IT services, manufacturing, and healthcare industries who possess critical data and can likely afford high ransom payouts.

Bitcoin Price surge leads to new computer hacking fears

Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value could make ordinary computer users more vulnerable to hackers, cyber security experts have warned. Interest in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed over recent weeks, and researchers say this has led to more and more computers being secretly infected with malware. The easiest way to get involved with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is to sign up to a wallet service, but more serious investors tend to “mine” them by solving complex, encrypted calculations, which requires a huge amount of computing power. They’re now getting other people to unwittingly help them out.

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VSC were a great help to my construction and Engineering company in securing the organization's network infrastructure. I am indeed greatful

Jeremy K. Kaburu,CEO Blue Rivet limited

My office staff and everyone in the company in general are now cybersecurity aware thanks to a 1 week crush training program offered by vcs-inc!

Raphael Kioko, MD Nes Capital Ltd

To show our respect, we protect personal information that we collect... They Call it a bonus we call it Integrity!